Black n White : P'retty Ugly

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We work exclusively with the idea of the pixel and with the pixel as raw material, the pixel is our paint or wood or stone – black-n-white animated 1x1 pixel sized pixels with different time intervals, 1/100, 1/10, 1 and 10 seconds.

We use the html-coding language as our brush or our screwdriver and the browser as both canvas and gallery or museum. We abstract digital remakes from well known conceptual art objects from Judd, Lewitt, Graham, Haacke, Emin, Anastasi and IRWIN und use these as our visual set of instructions. We strictly transform images of these objects into digital web-objects, sometimes producing different variations or different viewpoints within the same framework. The specials are deviant, they leave the black n white framework and use color, Art and Language instead.

Additionally, we create generic digital objects by using pre-defined framesets, table arrays, bannerz, the sole pixel and whitespace by spatial alignment of this reduced material. Here as well, the working material is solely the raw 7 pixel anim.gifs and the 2 static gifs (black and white).

As our contribution to the commodification of digital derivates, the digital objects of both series are attached to an individual domain-name, published and sold to the highest bidder. The idea behind this work, and the means of producing it, are more important than the finished work. Conceptual art and net-art overlap and interrelate substantially and several artists can be said to belong to both tendencies.

Black n White is based on the monochrome websites  „THE WHITE WEBSITE and THE_BLACK_WEBSITE from 2004 and the „Shooter-Bannerz“ from 2001, both by UBERMORGEN.COM’s lizvlx and Hans Bernhard.

Black n White Cycle 2000-09

Untitled_IRWIN (Special)
Untitled_Emin (Special)
Untitled_Haacke (Sold to private collection, unique copy, not available for public display)
Untitled_Judd (Sold to private collection, unique copy, not available for public display)


Animation Cycle

A1 - Screen 1 - 800x600
A2 - Screen 2 - 800x600
A1 - Screen 1 - Large Screens
A2 - Screen 2 - Large Screens

Exhibition Cycles (enable popups!)

A1 - Screen 1 - 800x600 pop up (for full screen)
A2 - Screen 2 - 800x600 pop up (for full screen)
A1 - Screen 1 - Large Screens pop up (for full screen)
A2 - Screen 2 - Large Screens pop up (for full screen)

Exhibition Shots (click here)

Tabacalera - National Centre for Visual Arts Madri, 2009
Centre Pompidou Paris, 2010

Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Madrid/Berlin

Black n White - Les Rencontres Madrid