Neural.it: The 'AnuScan', one of your most provocative pieces, the (advertised) application of biometric devices to the anus (unique for every person, as the iris or the fingerprint), pushes to the extreme the imaginary of surveillance, pulling out??? a terrific politic statement, without using any popular symbol or rhetoric. Can you elaborate more on this 'iconoclastic appeal'?

lizvlx: AnuScan is a "webpainting". it looks like a website, but it has no functionality, it is a photorealistic virtual pixelpainting of something that exists (as iriScan). it is an "abbild". we could have realized a full-functioning website for anuScan, but we did find that functionality was not key concerning any kinds of biometric scanning techniques. by leaving out the clickable, we focus on the absurd.

Hans Bernhard:
Webpaintings play with the expectation of what a web-site is or what it should be. Here a selection: the WHITE_WEBSITE, ekmrz.cx, BartnLisa.com, bannster.net. AnuScan was further developed into physical space. We built an exhibition prototpye [Anus Scanner, 42X55X32cm, steel, rubber] and produced a series of prints and paintings of anus patterns - the visual similarity to fractal structures is striking. They look very beautiful and strange, these very hidden treasures of mankind - opposite attractors of the iris, the naked and open eye we look into every day.

Interview Neural.it, Alessandro Ludovico, February 2005


AnuScan Inc.
Web-Site, 2002
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Web-Site, 2000
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Web-Site, 2000
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Web-Site, 2001
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