"raw art, extreme storytelling and digital visions. thats what characterizes ubermorgen and their main headz, hans_extrem & lizvlx. i love them and i love to watch them grow; from their first individual steps through net.avantgarde & business-school to fine art. i know that they are already the ultimate darlings of the international net.art scene, and one day, probably retrospective, they will hack their way into the MOMAs and DOCUMENTAs of this world and define the new "thing" we call art today... "

mariko mori, new york/tokyo, 2001

"ubermorgen means the day after tomorrow, a slight tip towards their aesthetic and activist vision and prejudice, they are hardcore and radical in their actions and they are extremely strange and highly intelligent people."

jean baudrillard, marseille/france, 2000