first published as lecture on the conference and on, may 2003





[V]ote-auction [voteauction] 2000, bringing capitalism and democrazy
closer together. during the presidential elections g.w. bush vs. al
gore, ubermorgen and james baumgartner ran a business buying and
auctioning votes via the internet: . over
2500 news clippings global, 14 law suits, fbi, nsa, cia, janet reno and
state attorneys investigated the case. listen to the exciting
action-story and see a CNN 30 min. special about voteauction. you won't
believe your eyes!

as the contemporary legal art followup, we will give you in-depth
background information on the notorious "INJUNCTION GENERATOR" [ , ] and the
soft-ware we use to automatically deliver such court orders [media
hacking, shock marketing, fine art,].

ubermorgen is thinking about a bio, word of mouth came from the streets
. our way
of looking at software and thinking about it has mutated over the last
10 years. we would like to share this with you! [ ]


Saturday, May 31, 16.00h

Guerrilla Engineering. Uninvited Interventions 

Media activism is not at all a new phenomenon, but enhanced by digital
technology and the power of the Internet it seems to have reached a new
level, where an individual can be as strong and visible as a corporation
or a virus; and where a simple and elegant hack can generate a lot of
media buzz.





-ca. 60 min., davon ca. 30 min. cnn-video!!!

-content-support, person who navigates the web-sites we are currently
talking about.


on request of alexei, i would like to present you our internet-pop
smash-hit 2000, [V]ote-auction [voteauction], the vote-selling and
auctioning platform invented by american art student james baumgartner
and bought by ubermorgen, the eastern european hardcore business


... can be told from millions of viewpoints. it is a thriller, a
tech-thriller, a politics-thriller, a legal thriller, a
internet-thriller, a software-thriller ... the tension between maverick
businessman hans bernhard [myself], radical business frontcoder lizvlx
and the U.S. authorities including the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Janet Reno
and other 13 state attorneys have risen to a level unknown before.

during august to november 2000, HANS BERNHARD, SILVER SERVER, james
baumgartner, lizvlx, maria e. haas, luzius a. bernhard, chris mutter and
oskar obereder were spammed with foriginal documents by U.S.
institutions and courts. daily FEDEX and UPS deliveries, 100s of pages
through fax and telephone terror by court assistants, dns registrars,
police and security forces were just part of the experiment of bringing
capitalism and democracy closer togehter during the U.S. presidential
elections 2000, al bush against g.w. gore, al gore against g.w. bush.
the main goal of the attacks by or via the courts was to shut down the
web-site, then to shut-down and later
on to have us remove the web-site from the ip-address, so on election
day, no [V]ote-auction auction would take place on the net. this was so
important to the U.S. elections, because the integrity of the voting
process shall not be in danger, as we could watch later on in florida,
it really does pose serious threats to U.S. democracy. but read more
about the action, the american election system and the experiment
carried out by james baumgartner and ubermorgen in the press section,
see the original web-sites, etc...


massive amounts of paper foriginals and legal documents are stashed away
in the ubermorgen safe in vienna / austria and in zurich / switzerland.
these materials will gain value over time, like bottles from a very very
good wine year. the foriginals and documents will only be shown at
exclusive exhibits and will only be sold to exquisite collectors,
respected business people or international legal specialists, willing to
taste the bitter-sweet touch of our dangerous fight against very
powerful U.S. institutions and services.

*** CNN "burden of proof: democracy on the block", 30 min. [including



i would like to show you a fine art piece of ubermorgen, released this
year 2003 in april. it consists of a painting in the form of a
non-functional web-site called AnuScan Inc. here
we paint the picture with photoshop and simple-html [without links]. it
tells the story of a company extending the fields of iris-scans to
anus-scans, a tool to securely identify human beings by scanning the
anuses. another one of our digital paintings is ekmrz, our vision of
e-commerce software from 2001, it can be found under the url





READ_ME 2.3  is a festival of software art that explores the territory
between art and software culture. Read_me 2.3 draws connections between
histories and practices in both software culture and art, and aims at
creating an extended context, against which software art may be mapped.

 READ_ME 2.3  is the second edition of Read_Me, the first festival
dedicated entirely to the phenomena of software art. It will take place
on May 30-31, 2003 in Helsinki. Read_me 1.2 was held in Moscow in May

 READ_ME 2.3  continues with the open structure of Read_me: all projects
are submitted on-line to a publicly accessible database. However, the
second Read_me edition has logically developed this idea further: the
simple database has turned into the software art repository

All projects, submitted to up to the  READ_ME 2.3  deadline
(1st of March) will be reviewed by a collective of "experts" and the
best ones will be presented on the  READ_ME 2.3  event. However, will continue accepting projects on an ongoing basis. Projects
entered after the deadline will be considered as entries to the future
Read_me festivals.

 READ_ME 2.3  is not a competition in the traditional sense, and it will
not have monetary prizes. The festival event on May 30-31 will present,
discuss, and celebrate a selection of works singled out and featured
without ranking by the Read_me experts collective.  READ_ME 2.3  will
focus on the variety of discrete contexts and will aim at building
bridges between them.

 READ_ME 2.3  partner events: - Demoskene - "The exhibition that
presents demo pieces and the demo scene as a cultural phenomenon",
Kiasma - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, 28.3.2003 to
15.6.2003 - Digital II, MUU Mediabase, Helsinki, May 16-18