|BLINKEN_EIN| THE DAILY ubermorgen BRIEFING |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ 11//01//2002;; +++ [[ubLZ:2002BSE1101am,live f/UNA_STUDIO st. moritz]] +++ TOP HEADLINE +++ |BLINKEN_EIN|ETOY CHINA-TM PARTIALLY DENIED|BLINKEN_AUS| +++ national ind. property office of austria, internat. reg. no.: 752443 (ETOY), madam, sir, the enclosed communication, which was sent to the holder or the representative of the holder of the above mentioned registration(s), has been returned to the international bureau by the postal services with the indication that it was unable to be delivered. we leave you to take the measures you consider appropriate in order to enable this correspondence to reach its adressee and to inform the holder of the registration in question or his representative, of the necessity to request the internationl bureau to record the modifications made to the name or address of the addressee of this communication. sincerely yours, slavatore di palma, director and head, administration section international registrations department, international brueau of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) |BLINKEN_EIN| DAILYTOP9 ;E-NFO_BREAKfast:|BLINKEN_AUS| 1. elixier 2. south 3. visit 4. american 5. test 6. asked 7. central 8. members 9. feedback ...brought to you by UNA [uberNEWSAGENCY]; |BLINKEN_EIN|ubermorgen:: : "we make money!";|BLINKEN_AUS| http://www.ubermorgen.com