|BLINKEN_EIN| THE DAILY ubermorgen BRIEFING |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ 14//01//2002;; +++ [[ubLZ:2002BSE1401am,live f/UNA_STUDIO st. moritz]] +++ TOP HEADLINE +++ |BLINKEN_EIN| THE BERNHARDS DNA RELEASE |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ The swiss proto-gen FAMILY "BERNHARD" today announced the release of it's copyrighted DNA-SEQUENCES ONLINE under www.bernhards.net. "the speed of the transistion from fossil fuels to genes is extraordinary.. when genes with potential commercial values are located, they are patented and become, in the eyes of the law, inventions... discoveries of nature..." says jeremy rifkin. the US PTO [PATENT OFFICE] today issued a sweeping policy decree declaring that the components of living creatures -- GENES, chromosomes, cells, and tissues -- are patentable and can be treated as the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of whoever first isolates their properties, describes their functions, and finds useful applications for them in the marketplace. today, "the bernhards family" has released "teaser" sequences. in order to obtain the right on their individual codes and the specialities of their family, ligitation and registration is necessary. the release of the FULL SEQUENCES and a global documentation will follow on the respective web-site and in the databases of DuPont, Monsanto and Bayer, EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: 12/2004. THE FAMILY BERNHARD WEB-SITE under http://www.bernhards.net |BLINKEN_EIN| DAILYTOP9 ;E-NFO_BREAKfast:|BLINKEN_AUS| 1. feedback 2. letro 3. state 4. burning 5. entertainer 6. medizin 7. hilfe 8. 06032 9. friedrich ...brought to you by UNA [uberNEWSAGENCY]; |BLINKEN_EIN|ubermorgen:: : "we make money!";|BLINKEN_AUS| http://www.ubermorgen.com