|BLINKEN_EIN| THE DAILY ubermorgen BRIEFING |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ 23//01//2002;; +++ [[ubLZ:2002BSE2301am,live f/UNA_STUDIO st. moritz]] +++ TOP HEADLINE +++ |BLINKEN_EIN| LAW SUIT AGAINST REGISTRAR CSL GMBH |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ ubermorgen announces a law suit against CSL gmbh, dusseldorf/germany, entered 31.12.2001 in berlin/germany. the law suit claims damage and loss of around 20k euro due to "illegal" shutdown of the vote-auction.com domain november 2nd 2000 by corenic, geneva/switzerland, the meta-registry between ICANN and CSL gmbh. please watch some television features [1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ] and see some documentation on ubermorgen's [V]ote-auction campaign 2000. ongoing legal battles also include a law suit against JAMES BAUMGARTNER, ubermorgen, SILVER SERVER from the chicago board of elections. ubermorgen just released voteauction.biz for the next rush during the US presidential elections 2004 and reactivated voteauction.de for the germany parlamentary elections 2002. |BLINKEN_EIN| DAILYTOP9 ;E-NFO_BREAKfast:|BLINKEN_AUS| 1. arts 2. byte 3. direct 4. detroit 5. private 6. security 7. white 8. human 9. money ...brought to you by UNA [uberNEWSAGENCY]; |BLINKEN_EIN|ubermorgen:: : "we make money!";|BLINKEN_AUS| http://www.ubermorgen.com