|BLINKEN_EIN| THE DAILY ubermorgen BRIEFING |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ 24//01//2002;; +++ [[ubLZ:2002BSE2401am,live f/UNA_STUDIO st. moritz]] +++ TOP HEADLINE +++ |BLINKEN_EIN| UBERMORGEN GROUP FOCUSING ON DOCUMENTA11 |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ today, the ubermorgen group announces it's strategy for this years art + business highlight documenta11 [ www.documenta.de ]. "there is no business like fine art show business..." says lizvlx, the ubermorgen fine art speaker. meetings with documenta curators okwui enwezor, ute meta bauer and other co-curators of the "art world olympics" have shown serious progress towards synergy in the fields of content, marketing and subversion. ubermorgen will focus it's energy on the platform 5 in kassel/germany. objects such as large scaled sculptures, local performanceSS and digital inversion guarantee the success of ubermorgen's participation in this years transfiguration of the avant-garde. stay tuned to uberNEWSAGENCY for further updates on ubermorgen - documenta11 events 2002 - 2004. |BLINKEN_EIN| DAILYTOP9 ;E-NFO_BREAKfast:|BLINKEN_AUS| 1. supply 2. war 3. 1997 4. letters 5. legal 6. poll 7. days 8. sports 9. university ...brought to you by UNA [uberNEWSAGENCY]; |BLINKEN_EIN|ubermorgen:: : "we make money!";|BLINKEN_AUS| http://www.ubermorgen.com