|BLINKEN_EIN| THE DAILY ubermorgen BRIEFING |BLINKEN_AUS| +++ 05//09//2002;; +++ [[ubLZ:2002BSE0415am,live f/UNA_STUDIO st. moritz]] +++ TOP HEADLINE +++ |BLINKEN_EIN|BACK IN BLACK!|BLINKEN_AUS| +++ INJUNCTION GENRATOR shown at ARS ELECTRONICA 2002, KINGDOM OF PIRACY ; HANS BERNHARD starts solo-artist career HANSBERNHARD.COM ;; ETOY.BOOK RELEASED, GET YOUR COPY, it shoud or could be worth it;; DESIGN AUSTRIA 75 years special strictly international symposium, with ubermorgen, what an honour ;; MADRETTOR/Rotterdam, October 2002,;, HANS BERNHARD VOTE-AUCTION exhbition and MEDIA HACK lecture; AND more and more.. and more.. fuck you.. i [HANS] am just back slowly, still recovering from my brain meltdown in south africa earlier this year, but the thought of starting my own solo artistic career makes me really hot, really wanna come.. i feel sexy, although i weigh about 250 pounds raw flesh and bones. for next year i am looking for some young girls and boys who would like to work with me on the digital publication of thousands of tons of materials [pics, movs, texts] on the respective web-sites [brainhard.com, etoy.ag, HANSBERNHARD.COM, ubermorgen.com, etc...], so if you are good looking, experienced with digital/web/ssh applications and willing to work for credits and experience with one of the most radical assholes around, kick it and mailme: hans@ubermorgen.com ;; |BLINKEN_EIN| DAILYTOP9 ;E-NFO_BREAKfast:|BLINKEN_AUS| 1. trodat 2. 5008 3. priority 4. sane 5. odem 6. epson 7. giga 8. nigger 9. geo ...brought to you by UNA [uberNEWSAGENCY]; |BLINKEN_EIN|ubermorgen:: : "we make money!";|BLINKEN_AUS| http://www.ubermorgen.com