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Voice from SELLtheVOTE.COM user Linda, 25, NY: My vote goes to a Puerto Rican, Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico pay federal taxes, fight in the US army, and have US passports - but are entirely denied a right to vote in the presidential elections. ... Puerto Rico has been occupied and used as a military training base by the US ... for decades. I offer my vote to a Puerto Rican living in Puerto Rico ... I will sell you my vote.


In 2000, CNN asked the makers of [V]ote-auction: "Why on earth are you europeans intervening in a U.S. election?", Voteauction replied: "Because the U.S. President has the power and the means to change the face of the world, so the world should have the democratic power to elect the U.S. President."

In 2004, this proposition has become real with the web-site http://SELLtheVOTE.COM : U.S. voters are now able to sell their electoral vote to citizens of any country of the world wanting to democratically influence the U.S. presidential elections 2004, Kerry vs Bush.


During the last 4 years, the United States of America, their illegitimate president and the U.S. corporate fascists have terrorized the world with acts of war, cultural and political terrorism and disasterous mismanagement. Al Qaeda is fighting back with bombs, media hacks and evil networks,but SELLtheVOTE.COM wants to get the job done the american way - the democratic way:

http://SELLtheVOTE.COM: our bombs are ballots. thank you.
http://SELLtheVOTE.COM: our ballots are bombs. thank you.
http://SELLtheVOTE.COM: our bombs are bombs. thank you.


***Online Salespoint:
http://SELLtheVOTE.COM: our bombs are ballots. thank you.

*** Buy Official Overseas Absentee Balloting Material in Austria. SELLtheVOTE and THE AGENCY [FOR MANUAL ELECTION RECOUNTS] will sell 46 Florida absentee ballots in Graz / Austria Nov 2 - Nov 11, Kunsthaus Graz, medien.KUNSTLABOR. Special news-release upcoming...

***THE AGENCY FOR MANUAL ELECTION RECOUNTS will perform a MANUAL RECOUNT of DIGITALLY CASTED Florida paper machine ballots in the gallery space Nov 15 - Nov 25, the results will be documented and released online:*THE*AGENCY*/


For further information please contact

we have no nationality
+43 650 930 00 61*THE*AGENCY*/

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