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Date: 27. Oktober 2004 22:08:12 GMT+02:00
Subject : Overseas Voter News Alert
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#1   If your ballot is late - you can still vote! Registered overseas voters can access an online ballot and mailing envelope

Online ballot:

Mailing instructions and envelope:

click on your state name, then "Where to Send"

This ballot is the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB), which is the ballot to use if you registered on time, and if you haven't received your state ballot yet. If your state ballot arrives later, fill it out and send it too.   

It will replace the first one you sent off. The FWAB is counted if the state ballot is not received by the local election district. 
#2   Go to  
We'd like to help ensure your ballot has been received and is counted by your local election official. Help us create a record of ballots submitted by filling in this short form. Note: do this even if you’ve already emailed us to tell us you voted: this is a worldwide, centralized database designed expressly for this purpose. We cannot transpose this information for you.
#3  If you are unable to successfully connect to the FVAP site That would mean that your ISP is blocked from accessing the central government resource for overseas voters.  Please send an email to where this situation is being tracked. Indicate the name of your ISP and your country.
#4  Report voting irregularities

Issues are being tracked and addressed centrally with a qualified legal team.  Make sure your issues are known. Go to
Please forward this message today to your American overseas voter friends  

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