The D1ck #1635

‘The D1cks’ are hand-pixelated 1 of 1 Haute Couture NFTs with a PFP background. Every D1ck handed over to you is carefully hand-crafted by lizvlx‘s tender feminine hands. L‘Origine du pixel: a sin to put 'em in - a shame to pull 'em out - a shame to put 'em in - a sin to pull 'em out. Actually ‘The D1cks’ is one of the prickliest and earliest examples of an ‘NFT’ (ERC- 721), an early driver of modern Crypto Art and the post-apocalyptical de facto standard that powers most digital art and collectibles. Everybody needs a D1ck with proof of ownership. So go ahead, buy and be a D1ck! I mean have you ever seen anything relevant with a D1ck?

The D1ck #1635 is a basic D1ck in dreamy flashy orange and was minted to celebrate The Merge.

This D1ck lives on Ethereum chain: opensea-link

Attributes: basic, orange






The D1cks