etoy.DAY-CARE*1 Installation "BIG SOCIAL GAME".

a camp realized for BIG TORINO*2 (Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane 2002 / "BIG SOCIAL GAME"), infecting the future of torino: 7 days a week etoy.AGENTS trained teams of 30 children between 7 and 12 years while they took their first steps on tomorrow's most crucial playground. in producing short etoy.CHILDREN-MOVIES they learn to create their own digital meaning, values and context to implement reality instead of following those who sell simplified truth. through intelligent and exciting game play the etoy.CORPORATION invests social capital into 1'000 curious children.

miss etoy.MONOROM, ceo etoy.VENTURE-CAPITAL group: "...we inject children with a first shot of experimental lifestyle and try to win them over for a sustainable friendship with art".


*1 Hans Bernhard - under the pseudonym etoy.HANS / etoy.BRAINHARD - is a founding member and active etoy.AGENT of the etoy.CORPORATION [from 1993-1999]. He is a major share-holder in and the etoy.CORPORATION until today. Additionally he ownes part of the etoy.INFRASTRUCTURE [etoy.TANKS I.E.], the etoy.US-TRADEMARK, the copyrights on all major graphical, textual and intellectual developments of the etoy.CORPORATION and its subsidiaries [1993-200?] and he holds a large archive of etoy.ORIGINAL-MATERIAL and digital material. And - most important - he is a major stakeholder and a board-member of the etoy.HOLDING [mothercompany of all etoy.CORPORATIONS]. He is currently dealing with legal strategies, trademark and financial issues for the etoy.HOLDING. His artistic etoy.WORK is based on his "legal art" experience, and he is working independetly on etoy products and communications in his own etoy.UNIVERSE. So, he is like a fucking Paul McCartney, holding major parts of the etoy.CATALOGUE!




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