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"Es ist derselbe Wind der die Blumen bestaeubt und die Haeuser zerstoert"
"It is the same wind that dusts the flowers and destroys the houses"

Humans use universal Kraft excessively and we are all heavily depending on it, but we are unable to understand. Humans are drawn to the mystery of our planets organic history and to the inner workings of the smallest but unimaginably powerful elements in the universe. Human curiosity and the need for mobility, the addiction to speed, the belief in infinite growth, the urge of constant development, the promises of expansion into space and the magic of nuclear physics. Mankind acts like the "Zauberlehrling" – "The Sorcerers Apprentice" by J.W. Goethe. After the master left the building the apprentice starts performing magic without understanding the fundamentals and therefore fails and wreacks havoc. Afterwards he tries to cover up the desaster hence creating more desaster. But why did the magician leave us? Why is he not coming back? And most important, who is the magician? Is it the invisible hand by Adam Smith, is it God, was it Dick Cheney or Alexander Prokhorov or is it the trust in technology, in science, or specifically in physics as mother of all sciences? Or maybe the magician is in every single one of us, in our role as consumers, in our role as intelligent beings that cannot help the neverending urge to explore & experiment. We are human, we are mad, we are nature, we are children, we live in a universal sandbox & honestly don't care about consequences