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the sequence, the program, the intelligence
the code, the anachronism, the symbol
the war, the word, the part
the architecture, the development, the medium

the storm, the chair, the house
the firewall, the garden, the women
the picture, the shoe, the child
the interpretation, the help, the transformation

the birth, the god, the crime
the blade, the thought, the sand
the space, the box, the light
the theme, the underground, the processor

the cassette, the text, the diseas
the bottle, the vulgar, the scream
the culture, the brain, the speed

the chamber, the body, the book
the action, the filter, the paradies
the chip, the city, the computer
the movie, the hole, the water

the hammer, the deamon, the wordwar
the vodka, the question, the consens
the light, the battle, the eye

the weapon, the know-how, the intelligence
the fiberglas, the satelite, the stupid
the shaft, the change, the death
the colour, the dream, the past

the statistic, the killer, the radio
the industrie, the provocation, the hit
the element, the glas, the language
the leg, the knowledge, the river

the day, the instinct, the sun
the lie , the energy, the dirt
the sex, the sperm, the repression
the object, the shot, the stomach

the information, the material, the history
the building, the server, the orientation

the face, the alkohol, the radical
the animal, the stone, the potential
the destruction, the family, the word
the surface, the stress, the bitch

the news, the system, the mania
the program, the existence, the slime
the symbol, the entry, the problem
the hour, the future, the sadness
the loss, the gain, the death,
...remember the sad feeling when you leave the built forest, the home,
when you destroy history by solving problems...