"Tanz, du Sau" 1992 by luzius europa brainhard - etoy.BRAINHARD

a brutal piece of text. 30 pages of slaughter, psychotic random-WELTBILD and beautiful landscapes you will never forget ! (german/english)

"Senna again" 1995 by kubli

a short story about the death of ayrton senna and the anti-motorsports-movement. (german)

"Subject: ALLES und vor allem nocheinmal! " 1995 by zai

a digital scream ! a logic reason for people killing each other. (german)

"p1 by etoy.BRAINHARD

short, compact; a poetic mania (german)

p2 by etoy.BRAINHARD

brain, women, art, truth, mania, body, sex, ... (english)