the eCode how does etxtreme work?


here we give you a short& easy description... you just get an idea of what kind of intelligence and power our backend provides...


etxtreme is based on an idea and prototype of our partner this cluster of bots [netrunner™] is dedicated to grab all! text from specified eSources [URLs]. it then delivers these words into a database. this data is then rendered and compressed [dacounter™] into daily TOP9-words [ranked!]. for this operation, the following ranking-parameters are used...

defines daycounts/hits of words. measures the occurance of a word today and an average daily occurance over time. etxtreme prefers very high-volume and etxtremely low-volume words!

measures reliability or evaporability of a words. alternative description: measures oscillation of a word. the resulting figures tells us how volatile a word measures over time. etxtreme prefers very high and very low volatile words!

measures the linkage degree of a word in relation to other words. the poles are an informative surrounding field vs. a redundant field. the resulting figure tells how social a word is. etxtreme preferes medium vulgar words!

...and thats it! .. sure it is way more complex... so, as soon as we understand more about our system.. we'll let you know!

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