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can i publish etxtreme daily! TOP9! ?
yes, we welcome any publication of our eContent. if you want to use it for free or non-commercial services, just mention
* the brand:
* the solgan: read fast! think later! ...
* the url
* then drop us a note...
if you want to use our daily! TOP9! commercially, please do ask for a deal:

what do you do with my email address
we send you the daily e-nfo.breakfast and newz and updates on we do not sell your email-addresses or other data to any commercial service or company. within our eNetwork we share and merge certain data... more preyevacy...

where are the TOP9 words from?
they are pure digital content from specific areas of the net.

at what time are the TOP9 words published?
daily @011 internet beat. to convert this into your local time, visit and CLICK beat/internet time.

why do you use a russian domain name?
we like it! and the .ru domains are very limited in their presence... so we use it as a flash_light... but for your convenience we are also reachable via .

how to subscribe daily! TOP9!
enter your email into the box /press subscribe


how can i unsubscribe?
enter your email into the box /press unsubscribe

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