ePreyevacy policy

this statement discloses the policy for the entire website and all eMailinglists.

to promote trust and confidence in the internet and in, we are providing a full disclosure of our privacy practices and information use.

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you can expect to be notified of:

1. what information we gather/track;
2. what we do with this information
3. with whom we share what we gather/track
4. our opt-out policy
5. our policy on correcting and updating personally identifiable information
6. our policy on deleting or deactivating your name from our database. provides an interactive environment to distribute our eContent and to enable members to express themselves and share their ideas in our eCommunity. has been fortunate to attract deals and co-operations with people, companies, teams and other entities. this allows us to provide all our services and features on such a high level of quality. we understand clearly that our success is dependent on the loyality of our users.

one of our goals is to respect the preyevacy rights of anyone who visits or receives our daily! eTrends, or is a user of our community. outside of our eNetwork we do not release personally identifiable information about our individual members and users without their express permission.

our view is that our members and our visitors are the ones who should generally control whether or not the share any personal information and how that information is to be used, if it is to be shared. furthermore, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide something of value in exchange for any information, shared or consumed - in our case that remains a free service and that we are working hard to give you more products and opportunities to define your individual e-nfovironment.

we appreciate your interest in and support of and pledge to you our continued commitment to make our services better and better while enabling you - our members and visitors - to be comfortable with respect to your online preyevacy. respects the privacy of all those who spend any time in our community. we do collect information. this a statement of the use of the information we collect, and if or how any of it is disseminated.
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last modified july 23, 1999
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