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press release 23/11/99



MOSCOW, 23/11/99

read fast!think later!

basic e-nfo/xplenation engine;
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . is a fully digital content-engine; an alternative concept to regular online publications with editorial; "real" net.content;

currently a beta-version prototype is running; our "esof" coder team in bulgaria is developing the 0.9 version in another rapid prototyping process.

the engine can be described as a system between a smart search-engine and a trend-scout... in the current version there is a set of URLs defined; our "netrunner" is spidering these web-sites, delivering documents to another bot in our system; the documents are split into WORDS [etxtreme works ONLY with words]; these words + additional e-nfo is inserted into the DB...

then the eIntelligent part comes into play; our render-engine produces values for each word in the DB; we are currently interested in volume, volatility and vulgarity of words [note that we do not work from linguistic/NLP viewpoint; we are not interested in classical context, only statistics;;];

now the datamining modules, we call them nevaluators start working; you give them defined values for the following 3 parameters; and they will give daily! TOP9! output:::

defines hits of words. occurance of a word today and an average occurance over time.

measures reliability or evaporability of a words.

measures the linkage degree of a word; in relation to other words.

we are currently also working on testing different products; releases will be in mid january; the goal is to have various product-packages and individual products for users;

the delivery of our products is focused on email; very fast and convenient. thats why we call this service: your daily e-nfo_breakfast ;;15 seconds per day is all you need to ;and your mind will sharpen. your digital instincts will grow...

. . . . . .
. . . . . .

we are totally focused on the user; our system delivers what the eUsers want; not the other way around; this is the reason why we have an elite community using daily!TOP9!; primarily opinion leaders from the fields of media, art, business, tech and science; understanding the true value of; our strategies are very targeted direct marketing actions;

AND we do shock oriented marketing; our initial guerilla-marketing campaign was called "operation LINUX"; a media-hack with a large scandal regarding a major art award given to the OS LINUX. the story line is the heavy influence of the industry; siemens, microsoft, etc..] on the jury, the strategic moves of the major players towards linux and towards open source strategies;

our next action is a mix between direct marketing and shock marketing; read about it in the documentation;

. . . . . . . . . .
comp./network e-nfo
. . . . . . . . . . is based in sofia/bulgaria, vienna/austria and in moscow/russia, zurich/switzerland and barcelona/ spain; is a project of; an incubation and community company based in vienna/austria.

partners; include::..
[a swiss net.startup; music/ community related]
[SILVER SERVER, an alternative IAP internet access provider based in vienna/austria]
[internet service company based in moscow /russia]

.::: more under

the eNetwork is designed flat, distributed and dynamic... work-loads; research&development, marketing, user data, consulting; etc::: are distributed within the network; shared ressources, shared know how, shared users;;

read fast!think later!

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