eMedia; c1/ guerilla marketing
our intention...

was to soft-launch the brand

was to co-brand with LINUX

was to target on the ARS ELECTRONICA .net jury decision [awarded OS "LINUX" with first price in 1999...

was to stimulate high tension discourse within the global art and tech communities...

the email [original txt]
the publications [articles]
the feedbacks [newsgroups and mailinglists]
the target [ars electronica PR and jury]
code name operation linux
action subtitle "LINUX wins Prix Ars Electronica due to MICROSOFT INTERVENTION"
target Ars Electronica Festival [worlds leading festival for electronic art] and net.jury of PRIX Ars Electronica
action timeline 5 sep - 22 sep, 1999
direct email 89.000 international email-addresses
target groups international email-addresses [target: art, culture, science, tech and press/media].
estimated reach our estimated reach is 850.000 unique users, our estimated frequency is 5. due to the news potential of the message, global viral effect within 3-4 hours.
impact on etxtreme traffic and subscriptions to daily! TOP9! [e-nfo_breakfast] peeked for 13 days straight, increase of subscriptions over 2000%.

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